December 2016

X-Probe Publication: Humanized archaeal ferritin as a tool for cell targeted delivery

Published in November 2016 by Dr Alessandra Bonamore Group (Dynamical studies of protein carriers)

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5-6 December 2016 Serial Crystallography at FELs and Synchrotrons

This training event will provide hands-on session for data collection and analysis as well as theoretical background to the ESR of the X-Probe ITN.

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November 2016

X-Probe Publication: Probing bulky ligand entry in engineered archaeal ferritins

Published in October 2016 by Dr Alessandra Bonamore Group MoLiRom (Dynamical studies of protein carriers)

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X-Probe Publication: Studies of electron diffusion in photo-excited Ni using time-resolved X-ray diffraction

Professor Jorgen Larsson Group (X-Probe Project: Ultrafast X-ray diffraction & WAXS infrastructure) publicated in October 2016

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October 2016

XXI School of Pure and Applied Biophysics

Time Resolved Methods in Biophysics
January 9 – 13, 2017, Venice, Italy

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Joint X-Probe experiment at SLAC-LCLS Stanford California

Members of four X-Probe groups had joint experimental sessions on collaborative projects at the US XFEL SLAC/LCLS Stanford California.

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