Dr. Alberto Mittone has been awarded the SILS-MoLiRom Prize (link1) to a young researcher for biomedical applications of synchrotron light thanks to “his contribution to the development of new methods for phase-contrast imaging, a crucial methodology for the advancement of the field of biomedical studies with synchrotron light” (link2).
The Awardee holds a MD from Turin University (Italy), a PhD from Ludwig Maximilian Universität of Munich (Germany) and is currently working at the ID17 beamline (ESRF – Grenoble, France).
Awarding of the Prize was announced at the XXIII Meeting of the Italian Society of Synchrotron Light (link3) – SILS (link4) were Dr. Mittone delivered a talk to the International audience of the Meeting, that is part of the Italian program to celebrate the International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies. The Prize was supported by the X-Probe Partner MoLiRom.

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