Erice International School of Crystallography provides young researchers with a review of the fundamental approaches and latest developments in the application of crystallography and hybrid methods to the structure and function of biological macromolecules and complexes. Lectures exemplify use of integrated approaches to analyse molecular mechanism in human and pathogen biology. There are hands-on workshops to provide practical experience and in-depth discussion of topics ranging from sample preparation to data analysis software.

To commemorate the achievements of the Erice crystallography school over the past 50 years, the course featured several sessions that reflect on the past and look to the future to highlight the factors that create an inclusive discipline.

New for the 50th Erice School in 2017 is the Rising Star session featured young crystallographers from around the globe speaking about their research. X-Probe fellow Cécile Exertier was given the award and presented her work at the session.

link: 2017 Erice International Crystallography School