Members of four X-Probe groups had joint experimental sessions on collaborative projects at the US XFEL SLAC-LCLS Stanford California.

Time-resolved WAXS and XAS data were collected on three different heme proteins, several days of beam time were allocated and the ESRs spent a total of three weeks of intense work in California.

The young ESRs also enjoyed half day in San Francisco and we had a team building dinner at Palo Alto with XFEL scientists and Zerane from the Caen group.

X-Probe team: Lodovico Balducci (ESR, CNRS-Caen) Cècile Exertier (ESR, UROM), Matilde Trabuco (ESR, MOLiRom), Matteo Levantino (ESRF), Marco Cammarata (CNRS-Caen) and Beatrice Vallone (UROM).