ESR-Robert-Bosman-ColorProfessor Richard Neutze Group has found its ESR in the University of Leeds.

Robert Bosman was working at the MBiol Project:“Revealing asymmetry in single stranded RNA virus particles using Cryo-Electron Microscopy” in the Ranson Lab at the University of Leeds. Basic techniques in RELION determined a high resolution structure of Qbeta and methods to explore the hidden asymmetric features. Aim to determine a high resolution structure for Qbeta phage and a reconstruction for the internal RNA by developing and applying image processing methods.

In Gothenburg he will purify membrane protein and grow membrane protein microcrystals of bacterial rhodopsins and terminal oxidases. The ESR will participate in both time-resolved WAXS and diffraction studies at synchrotron radiation sources and X-ray free electron laser, be educated in the tools of X-ray scattering and X-ray diffraction analysis, and develop code for the interpretation of structural changes using both methods.

Have a nice trip Robert!

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