ECM29-LogoMany of the Microsymposia meet the X-Probe interests.

We wish to draw your attention especially to the one chaired by Christian Betzel and Antony Barty.

X-ray diffraction from microsecond to femtosecond time range (including FELs)“.
FEL and storage rings provide x-ray pulses on different time scale. The fs- pulses of FELs may allow for snap-shots of the structure of crystal materials with small life time. In addition it is well suited for studies of processes of electronic excitation and relaxation. On other hand storage rings allow for studies of processes on the time scale between microseconds to picoseconds covering various processes of excitation of the crystal lattice. In particular pump-probe techniques are well suited to for time resolved analysis after external excitation of the lattice.

Chairs: Christian Betzel, Anton Barty
The 29th European Crystallographic Meeting