All ESRs will participate in all training events and conferences and all partners will actively teach in one or more specialist courses. The organization of the specialized courses will be centralized by the appointment of a Training Officer who will ensure the delivery of a consistent format for the taught material and quality of all the specialized courses, some of which will be additionally open to others, and liaise with the lead partners to aid in the local organization and execution.

Main Network-Wide Training Events, Conferences and Contribution of Beneficiaries

  • Synchrotron & free electron laser generated radiation sources and its applications: Introduction to synchrotron radiation and XFEL sources, their temporal and coherence properties, and experimental applications.
  • Awareness Workshop – Science and Society: Analysis of the role of scientists in society, career development and gender issues.
  • Commercialisation of Science: An introduction to intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright, and prior art. Identification of product concept, market potential, prototyping, production engineering, costing, business planning, route to market and marketing.
  • Project Management and Transferable Skills: Project Management Skills with particular reference to managing of complex multi national research projects. It will include budget elaboration, team building, conflicts solving, leadership, interaction with the source of funding, etc.
  • Protein structural dynamics: An introduction to frontier methods for visualising protein structural dynamics (Laue diffraction; intermediate trapping; time-resolved WAXS) and their applications.
  • Proposal writing workshop: Proposal writing is clearly an important skill in academia, but it is equally important for entrepreneurs needing to attract funding for start-up companies. The ESRs will be given training to write a beamtime proposals and the best proposal will be awarded beamtime at FemtoMAX.
  • Nano-crystallography at an XFEL: Outlines the new experimental and theoretical challenges associated with diffract-and-destroy approaches to structural biology. Course includes hands-on sessions for data processing of thousands of images collected from nano-crystals at an X-ray free electron laser.
  • Novel methods in XFEL-based structural biology: Introduction to cross-correlation scattering on biomolecules in solution and ptychographic crystallography of 2D membrane protein crystals.
  • Conference on Protein Conformational Dynamics: An open international workshop highlighting the scientific breakthroughs of the consortium, which places the work in a broader scientific context. Presentation slots will be reserved for selected ESRs.