Private Area

January 2016

Here are the last three ESR

The last three ESR arrived to their new labs. We wish them a wonderful experience.

November 2015

Dec 16-18 2015
Network Meeting, Workshop and Tutorials @ ESRF

Dec 16 - 2015 Network Meeting
Dec 17 - 2015 Workshop
Dec 18 - 2015 Tutorials on ID-09

October 2015

Robert Bosman from Leeds to Gothenburg

Robert Bosman from the Lab at the University of Leeds to Gothenburg, where he will purify membrane protein and grow membrane protein microcrystals.

Xiaocui Wang welcome on board

ESR Xiaocui Wang was chosen by Professor Jörgen Larsson. She comes from China, where she studied in the Department of Physics at Tsinghua University.

ESR Lodovico Balducci joins CNRS group

At CNRS he will study different photoactive (bio)molecules following photoexcitation.
Well done Lodovico!

September 2015

SILS-MoLiRom Prize to Dr. Alberto Mittone

Dr. Alberto Mittone has been awarded the SILS-MoLiRom Prize to a young researcher for biomedical applications of synchrotron light.

August 2015

ESR Niranja Varma will start at PSI on October 1st 2015

Niranjan Varma is pursuing his PhD at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) under the guidance of Prof. Gebhard F.X. Schertler.

July 2015

Professor Beatrice Vallone Group found its ESR

Cécile Exertier has been recruted to work on Time-resolved diffraction & WAXS studies of heme proteins at Sapienza University of Rome.

Recruiting continues, MoLiRom has hired the second ESR

Matilde Trabuco comes from Portugal where she obtained a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Lisbon.

May 2015

We welcome our first ESR

Prof Henry Chapman Group has chosen the ESR that will assist others with the development of on-line diagnostics and measurement techniques for nano-crystallography and single-particle imaging.